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The latest technology in medicine:
Our know-how is your safety.


Be it shock wave technology, blood flow measurement, performance diagnostics, or ventilation technologies – Carl Reiner GmbH is always up to the latest state of the art. Because our goal is to offer you the most advanced therapy equipment for the treatment of your patients.



New technologies in medicine. Since 1912. Your Carl Reiner GmbH


For anesthesia, surgery, dialysis, gastroenterology, ENT, intensive care, cardiology, cosmetic medicine, pulmonary function, neonatology, orthopedics, pulmonology, radiology, rheumatology, sleep diagnostics, spiroergometry, sports medicine, urology, and much more.



Vienna's oldest manufacturer of medical devices in line with modern high-tech.


Carl Reiner GmbH keeps alive the tradition of the Vienna school of surgical instrument manufacturing and is determined to transfer it into the 21st Century. Our traditional craftmanship combined with modern high-tech medical equipment make us the market leader in several technologies, for instance pulmonary function measurement.



Without technological, no medical progress: Engineers and medical experts together in the CR-development team.


Keeping research and development at the highest level is the philosophy of the company. In cooperation with medical as well as physical scientists our engineers constructed the TwinStream™, the first microprocessor-controlled SHFJV® respirator, thereby rising the world standard in respiration technology to a substantially higher level.



Guiding our customers. The quality service of Carl Reiner GmbH


Our daily service work is devoted to our clients. Therefore our focus rests upon continuity from the first contact on – from detailed product advice to training and subsequent supervision. Our quality service serves your reliability – and thereby the safety of your patients. That’s what we can guarantee.



We are opening up new horizons
in technical medicine.


Through our consistent commitment to innovation, Carl Reiner GmbH today is a well established supplier – and manufacturer – of new technologies in medical engineering. With partner companies both within Austria and from abroad we successfully work on joint solutions in the medical high-tech sector.

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